Broadway Sacramento, CA

‘West Side Story’ rumbles vibrantly across the stage

“Nearly 50 years after its premiere, West Side Story still generates a special excitement. Director Gary John La Rosa crafts a '50s Technicolor dream enhanced by Michael Schweikardt's impressionistic scenic design and Leon Wiebers' vibrant costumes. The collaborators' magnificent success exploring the tragic consequences of urban racial divisions still maintains a striking edge in a milieu of mainly feel-good and family-friendly fare.”

“From the opening “Prologue” showing the violent enmity between the Puerto Rican Sharks and their American-born rivals the Jets, the subtlety and nuance of this production is found in the evocative dance numbers.”

“West Side Story consciously integrates several art forms at their highest levels into the musical theater experience. This production reaches significant heights in its highly satisfying presentation.”

Marcus Crowder – Sacramento Bee

Exciting ‘West Side Story’

“The production of West Side Story playing at Music Circus through July 24 is enrapturing from the very start. With the ideal mixture of mood-setting choreography, a creative set, and musical talent, the actors and actresses are able to cook up a theatrical feast for the audience.”

“It was not only entertaining, but also it told more about the tension between the two gangs than hours of background information could have.”“Music Circus’s production of West Side Story combines a dash of excellent choreography, a pinch of an amazing set, and a bucketful of talented performers to heat up a storm of exciting scenes all blended into a fantastic tragedy. Very limited seating is available…”

Sondra Morishima – Sacramento Stage and Theatre

Something “Cool” comes to capital“West Side Story” sizzles with energy and excitement

“West Side Story – the classic with book by Arthur Laurents, music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, which debuted on Broadway in 1957 and set a style that moved musical theatre in a whole new direction – opened Tuesday evening at the Music Circus under the direction of Gary John La Rosa.”

“…but the hatred between gangs is, sadly, even more relevant today.”

“…a highly energetic show…there’s no denying the dancers’ talent or intensity.”

“The suggestion of buildings that fly in and out works beautifully…”

“West Side Story remains classic American theater, and it delights in this Music Circus production. Tickets have become scarce…”

Bev Sykes – Davis Enterprise

Race card played in 2 musicals

“I have recently seen two musicals that, upon some reflection, reveal common thematic ground.”

“At any rate, both, while not perfect or flawless, are worth time, effort and money to see.”

“West Side Story is simply a work of art, and it remains so in the Music Circus edition directed by Gary John La Rosa. He gets a lot out of his young cast, but his best move was hiring soprano Carolann Sanita for the key role of Maria, the young Puerto Rican immigrant who falls in love with a young Polish neighborhood boy, Tony.”

“Her voice was the one true standout, capable of easily holding a long-lined melody, in a very talented cast that danced, sang and acted with a youthful enthusiasm that would have made Robbins happy.”

Richard Bammer – The Reporter

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