PRIVATE COACHING (in-person or virtual)

  • Work on and finesse the songs or monologues with which you're currently auditioning?

  • Find fresh, unique, new audition material?

  • Dig deeper to discover the "inner you" in your work?

  • Work on those last-minute callback sides or music?

  • Make the leap from callbacks to booking work?

  • Discover your type and discuss a personal marketing campaign?

  • Improve your resume and promotional materials?

  • Discuss agent representation and learn how and where to start looking?

  • Learn how to treat your career like a business?

Gary John is available for one-on-one sessions specifically tailored to your needs both virtually and in-person via Zoom or Skype. He knows “both sides of the table” having been both a performer and director.

He enjoys helping all performers and directors invigorate their careers no matter what level they are at. With his wealth of personal resource materials, he can guide you in finding that song, monologue or performance piece that will get you noticed. He will show you how to navigate the business, “direct” your own career and help you to be a more confident performer.

Sessions are affordable, and location is flexible. Contact Gary John to get your career on track! Last minute appointments accommodated, when possible.

“Gary John: I got the part of The Queen of Hearts in ‘WONDERLAND’!! Thank you for the guidance! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Karen Mason, Broadway and Cabaret star

“I was just talking to my husband this morning, saying, ‘Remember when Gary John helped me with my GODSPELL audition?’ Wow... I cannot believe I haven't contacted you and told you THANK YOU. You're amazing.”

Lindsay Mendez, Broadway and TV

Hey GJ! Just had a callback our prep worked. All went very well. Thanks again for getting me into a great place with this material. So helpful!" I can't wait to work with you on a show too!”

Michael Halling, Broadway and Regional

“Hello Sir! I was offered the part you coached me on! I’m going to be leading the 1st National Tour of “Cruel Intentions” as Sebastian Valmont! Thank you so much for allowing me to invest in a session with you last minute. You absolutely helped me succeed!

Jeff Kringer, National Tours

“Hey Gary John....great news! I got it! I booked ‘Light in the Piazza!’ I am on cloud nine! I thank you, I thank you,
I thank you! It is because of you and our sessions
I got this."

Bruce Rebold, Off Broadway and Regional

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Please contact Gary John to discuss a Guest Artist residency for your musical/play or any of his many popular workshops including:

Gary John has worked extensively with college and university age students preparing them for their senior showcases both at multiple companies in NYC and onsite at dozens of universities. Recently, he has added virtual work via Zoom or Skype, when necessary. He has an excellent facility and understanding of young actors’ needs and fears.

The work can be more in depth or more of a final polish depending on the time allotted. Either way, he will help to laser focus the material, before it’s presentation to agents, managers, and casting professionals. He digs deep into the emotional core of what is being presented but also takes great care to keep the performer feeling secure and confident. Knowing what is at stake, he can bring out the best in students reminding them of the joy that brought them to this point to begin with.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: Jerome Robbins Choreography
We explore one of the most acclaimed and successful musicals of all time with a multifaceted approach. A three-decade veteran of the show from Broadway to Berlin, Gary John will share his experiences.

Why was Fiddler considered an unlikely hit and what is the story behind its creation? How were the contributions of the creative team individually significant and why was Robbins relentlessly pursued to direct and choreograph? How was the piece innovative and groundbreaking in the history of American Musical theatre? Utilizing video, media, discussion and an on-your-feet choreographic exploration, this workshop exposes students to the value of storytelling through dance and how Robbins was able to powerfully integrate folk idioms and cultural detail into his movement vocabulary and overall direction to create one of the world’s most celebrated musicals. A joyous delving into this modern masterpiece.

Branding can be a challenging word and concept. In this workshop, we explore and deconstruct what branding is and how it can be useful as a tool for the actor. The first part of “branding” is getting to know how the actor is perceived in a casting session, exploring the core aspects of their mind, body, and spirit. When the actor has clarity of self it comes through uniformly in their work.

Part two involves mining that information to make sure the actors audition material and approach are harmonious with the brand. Part three how to utilize and maximize the information gleaned through their marketing and networking outreach. Branding is in no way setting restraints on an actor but mining their essence so they may be completely comfortable with themselves and reach new peaks in their performance work.

THE “BUSINESS” OF SHOW BUSINESS: Being positive and proactive as a performer
This "round table" overview will be a chance to hear about and discuss "the nuts and bolts" of a career in theatre. What are the important things to consider when preparing for a theatrical career and how does one approach it? Where and how do you start after leaving the “safety net” of school? What will the differences be? 

How to assess your type and market yourself that way. How to improve the look and content of your auditions. How to conduct yourself as a confident businessperson. What about agents, managers and the unions? When and how do you need them? Learn how to build momentum in your career with short-term and long-range goals. What works and what doesn't on your headshot and resume. No related topic is off limits if it affects your career!

MOCK AUDITION SEMINAR: Feedback for the Performer
This practical workshop gets performers on their feet! Mock auditions (musical and/or dramatic) are conducted as if in a professional situation. Each audition is critiqued in an insightful, nurturing way with input from the participants, as well.

Performers get to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. All questions are answered and suggestions made to improve the actor’s confidence and professionalism. This workshop helps the performer learn and understand the unique art of auditioning!

COLD READINGS SEMINAR: Improve Audition Technique
A practical workshop that gives actors an opportunity to make fast decisions. Scenes or monologues will be provided and the actors are given a few minutes to look them over before delivering them in front of the group.

Critique will be given to help the actor understand what choices worked and which did not. A discussion of swift text analysis and the importance of making bold decisions will follow. This scenario prepares the actor for the typical audition where the play is new or unknown and sides are not available in advance!

An “on your feet” opportunity! Actors get to utilize different techniques though the art of improvisation. Practical exercises and theatre games are assigned and explored in solo and group situations. A chance to hone some basic acting techniques while being guided though a range of emotions, obstacles and settings.

Performers are given freedom to explore their craft while learning to react spontaneously and get in tune with their instrument. Constructive criticism will follow the actors’ work with further opportunity to use the feedback in the second half of the session.

Gary John collaborates with students in a fun, positive and energetic way. He enjoys helping young performers develop a sense of confidence in their work, auditions and career. He is flexible in tailoring workshops that will fit the time constraint, curriculum and budget of your program.

Workshops are affordable and can be one-day, two-day or one week in length. They may be also created in tandem with a directorial project. Contact Gary John to discuss your program needs and scheduling.

Actors Connection (NYC) • Anderson University • "Broadway Bound" (NYC) • Cerro Coso College (CA) • Doane College (NE) • Florida Thespians • Growing Studio (NY) • Hofstra University (NY) • Junior Tours (NYC) • New Dance Group (NYC) • New York University (NYC) • Theatre Arts Center (NY) • Stagedoor Manor (NY) • University at Buffalo (NY) • University of Findlay (OH)) • California University (PA) • Trollwood Performing Arts School (ND) • University of New Mexico • University of Pennsylvania • University of South Dakota • University of Southern Mississippi

Workshops can be scheduled as in-person or virtual format to accommodate your classroom needs.

“Gary John La Rosa is again directing and choreographing, and his expert hand and unerring sense of style energizes the entire proceedings.”

Naomi Siegel – The Item

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