ArtisTree Music Theatre Festival, VT

“…The bucolic drive through the early fall foliage and quaint, southern Vermont villages was an apt prelude to a musical that likewise captures a nostalgic sense of times past, youth, innocence, and storytelling delivered in pure, poetic form.”

“…expressively rich and pitch perfect. I was certain we were in for an exquisite afternoon of music and magic.”

“Indeed, the entire ensemble was incredibly strong, and they worked together seamlessly.”

“Director and Choreographer Gary John La Rosa took a supremely talented ensemble and an accomplished production team and crafted a show that played to the strengths of each, while maximizing the potential of a small theater to create a small, beautiful piece of art.”

“The creative team has indeed made something very special here in southern Vermont.“Be sure not to miss this superb production, playing through the end of the month.”

Stacy Raphael – BroadwayWorld

The Fantasticks is ... Fantastic

“I have seen the show several times, and loved it each time, but this performance at the Music Theater Festival reached heights of excellence that left me moved and awestruck.”

“In one word, this production is seamless.”“… could not have been better cast.“

“Finally, no production of such quality can happen without an inspired and talented director, carefully blending so many different strands into an heirloom-quality production. Gary John La Rosa managed both the choreography and the directing and gave us a most memorable production.”

“It could be a while before theater this good is available in our neighborhood.”

Charles McMeekin – The Herald

The Fantasticks: brilliant simplicity and classical appeal

“First of all, everything about Artistree’s current production – every single thing – is totally delightful. The show is sparkly, uplifting and entirely satisfying.”

“That it remains remarkable even to us who have seen countless productions…is a tribute both to the brilliant simplicity and classic appeal of its script and songs and to Artistree’s talented cast and Artistic Direction.”

“The director, Gary John La Rosa is also the choreographer. He has lived and breathed this show for many years, and so he has brought, with perfect integrity and loyal steadfastness, the same show he saw at the Sullivan Street Playhouse, and he has brought it forward with the love of what the show is and what it always should be, along with some very nice choreography. And that was the perfect thing to do.”

Sharon Grobliski – Vermont Standard

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