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Theater angels smile on 'Suds'

Suds offers love, laughter and a tribute to 60s songs“

Taking their seats, the audience anticipates ...; a musical in a Laundromat! And then, as the plot develops, when angels enter the action, we wonder about the spiritual-purgatorial symbolism of the setting. But we quickly get so involved in Cindy's romantic dilemma, and Dee Dee and Marge's plan to help her, the religious allegory becomes secondary to our enjoyment of the events and personalities unfolding before us. The story has a pleasant, satisfying mystery and inconclusiveness to it; we enjoy wondering how it will all turn out.”

Gary John LaRosa is director/choreographer; the dance sequences are exuberant displays of spirit and style, perfectly consistent with the music and lyrics and situation.”

Joseph Mauro –

Suds is awash in 1960’s nostalgia

“To open her 2009 season…picked Suds, a frivolous and frothy four-actor show that is totally melodic and thoroughly entertaining.”

“The plot of Suds may be inconsequential fluff, but the three principal characters are entertaining and emblematic icons of the fondly remembered era characterized by bouffant hairdos, crinoline skirts and teenage love.”

“Enjoy Arundel Barn’s happy slice of light entertainment. I did. Like the playhouse itself, Suds is the essence of summer stock.”

Scott Andrews – Weekly Sentinel

Suds is awash in fun, good tunes

“Looking for a place to go for squeaky clean fun? Plan to see Suds at the Arundel Barn Playhouse. Suds abounds with laughter and music. ABP’s version provides an enjoyable evening of nostalgia and charm.”

“Suds is a jukebox musical, featuring nearly 50 pop tunes of the 60’s including ‘Mr. Postman,’ ‘Respect,’ ‘Secret Agent Man,’ and ‘Chapel of Love.’ The cast’s voices blend smoothly…and the familiar music provides much of the dialog and carries the story with hilarity and cheerfulness.”

“An evening of carefree laughter and musical entertainment awaits you.”

Beverly Gilbert – Journal Tribune 

Bubbly 'Suds' offers fun-filled nostalgia

“There's always a feeling of nostalgia in the air as you walk around the flowered grounds or gaze at the rough-hewn beams of the 1800s barn at the Arundel Barn Playhouse. It's like stepping through a portal in time. Now, the portal's coordinates are locked on to the early 1960s for the Maine premiere of Suds. And what a fun blast from the past it is!”

“There's intentionally not a lot of substance, but the production is awash with memorable songs, including ‘The Loco-Motion,’ ‘Where the Boys Are,’ ‘Birthday Party,’ ‘Town Without Pity,’ "Tell Him’ and ‘Chapel of Love.’

“…The scene is ridiculously over-the top and quite funny.”

“The young cast does a fine job delivering the laughs and performing the songs. The laughs were nonstop as the four delivered a montage of ‘Big Man,’ ‘Respect,’ ‘You Don't Own Me’ and ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking.’ Other highlights included a sultry rendition of ‘You Don't Have to Say You Love Me’ by Frenzel and a beautifully rendered rendition of ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ by Clark. The four had the crowd on their feet, singing along for the finale, ‘Shout!’"

“Suds will appeal to anyone in need of a good laugh who enjoys the music of the early 1960s. For those who lived through the era, it's a fun-filled time warp that's sure to bring back plenty of memories.”

April Boyle – Maune Sunday Telegram

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