Fulton Theatre, PA

Entertaining “Romance/Romance”…

“The cast of four on stage at the Fulton for its new production of Barry Harman and Keith Hermann’s short-lived 1988 Broadway musical, Romance/Romance, is good enough to make your heart beat faster.”

“As the action unfolds, so does the terrific music (the Broadway cast recording lived on long after the show folded), including stirring numbers like ‘It’s Not Too Late’ and ‘Romantic Notions;’ upbeat numbers like ‘I’ll Always Remember the Song,’ and tear-jerking numbers like ‘Words He Doesn’t Say.’”

“Director Gary John La Rosa moves everything along at a brisk pace and provides striking choreography, including a captivating polka number (who knew the polka could be captivating?). Set designer Robert Klingelhoefer and costume designer Beth Dunkelberger pull off a bit of a miracle when Act II begins in full 1900s garb and setting, only to be replaced in a whirlwind 60 seconds with contemporary clothing and a beach condo set. Wow! Phew!”

“…the actors, the voices, and the music don’t come any better than this.”

Marty Crisp – Sunday News

Fulton Does Romance Right

“Heating up like minivan windows at a drive-in, Fulton Opera’s new musical Romance/Romance, is so light on its feet it almost makes you forget about taxes, Iraq and Social Security for two delightful hours.”

“Klein and Wall’s duet, ‘My Love For You’ is such a hilarious surprise – coming just when you think the second act might lose its pulse – that it’s worth the cost of a ticket. Likewise, their slow duet, ‘Small Craft warnings,’ is sad and sweet, making you wonder what your own spouse is thinking when you are not around.”

“But Romance/Romance is great in Lancaster and great at the Fulton, where the price is right …”

Susan E. Lindt – Intelligencer Journal

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