Jewish Repertory Theatre, NYC

Jewish Repertory Theatre Musicals in Concert

“…a deserved, well-done revival.”

“There is minimal but effective staging by Gary John La Rosa who also adapted the evening.”

“The cast assembled for this show is top-notch. Karen Mason leads an incredibly talented bunch.”

“…the evening is quite enjoyable and at times hilarious. The songs are all gems. The skits are consistently funny, and are performed perfectly.”

“Overall, I had a great time at Pins and Needles.”

“…be sure not to miss this show…”

Seth Bisen-Hersh –

Pins and Needles in Concert

“The topical revue has all but disappeared from Broadway but if the Jewish Repertory Theatre’s concert production is any indication of what the genre still has to offer, it may be time for a revival.”

“Yet, little in Pins and Needles truly feels dated.”

“Aside from sharp topicality and heavily tuneful music, there’s not much more one should expect from a revue other than great performers. Luckily, Pins and Needles has seven: David Brummel, Louisa Flaningam, Allie Laurie, Karen Mason, Linda Romoff, Tia Speros and Jim Walton.”

“Pins and Needles – like the almost extinct genre to which it belongs – should not be easily dismissed, and, as it is not likely to be seen in New York (or anywhere else) any time soon, it’s definitely worth a look. Go in expecting a good time, but don’t expect to leave all real world realities at the door. As Rome requests during the song used to open and close the show, ‘Sing me a song with social significance / There’s nothing else that will do.’”

Matthew Murray –

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