Artistry Music Theatre Festival, VT

Artistree's Production of Nunsense is Hilarious...

“This show not only spreads the love and is one of the funniest shows ever, but with this company's over the top talent and energy, it draws the audience into an experience of pure and total overwhelming joy. Whatever cares you walk into the theater with, you will come out feeling that life is good and that you have met some of the best people you will ever meet and also that you have seen some of the best theater you will ever see.”

“Their movement and choreography, creatively and engagingly staged by La Rosa are executed with energetic precision. The ensemble work is flawless.”

La Rosa has created movement and dance that creatively uses the space of the Grange Theater and brings out the best of all his performers. His choreography in the number where they are singing about their transition from being workers in a leper colony to where they are now is hysterical.”

“And the show is in honor all the way around. They are all putting together a superb piece of musical theater in Smith's honor.”

“They won this one for the Gipper.”

Sharon Groblicki – Vermont Standard

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