Cortland Repertory Theatre, NY

Cortland Repertory Entertains with Third Nunsense

“The nuns of Nunsense don’t disappoint in sequel. Nothing can prevent the Little Sisters of Hoboken from entertaining. Those who cheered the first two will not be disappointed with the third installment.”

“There are music, most of it either bouncy or poignant, and that corn-pone habit humor.”

“Yes, the puppet returns. So does an audience-participation contest with cheesy prizes and a sing-along tribute to the late Patsy Cline. As always it’s nonsense, Nunsense style.”

Joan Vadeboncoeur – Syracuse Post-Standard

Nunsense Jamboree Kicks It Up (3 out of 4 stars!)

Capable Cast Brings Country-western Spin to the Latest Nunsense Franchise“Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree, now at Cortland Repertory Theatre, offers an entertaining evening for fans of the nun musicals.”

“The show is directed and choreographed by Gary John La Rosa. …with La Rosa’s direction, the cast engages the audience and provides laughter, an interactive mock auction and sing along possibilities. The cleverest of the numbers is ‘We Miss You, Patsy Cline,’ whose lyrics string together the titles of 43 Cline hits.”

Laurel Saiz – Post-Standard Weekend

Nunsense A Delight: CRT’s Sister Amnesia Does A Fierce Country

“Seeing a bunch of nuns in their black-and-white habits prancing around a stage with cowboy hats was a bit of culture shock… But that is what the show is all about – having fun with unlikely characters – holy nuns who happen to be embarking on a cross country tour to promote the first album of Sister Mary Paul: ‘I Could’ve Gone to Nashville.’ If you are not familiar with the Nunsense series of shows, it may take a few numbers to accept the idea. But then the delight of the CRT production takes over, with its combination of fantastic singing, outrageous comedy by the nuns and one priest, and the technical direction of Gary John La Rosa, director and choreographer, that makes it mesh all together.”

“…made apt use of every aspect of their stage…a rollicking country jamboree. It was fun.”

“People who enjoy a fun little poke at religion and love country music in general will especially adore the show…”

Katie Hall – Cortland Standard

There’s nothing quite like a 1940’s Broadway musical, filled with breathless optimism and hummable tunes. Now, Sacramento’s Music Circus is mounting one of the classics. Seeing this venerable slice of Americana is like finding a long lost friend."”

The Music Circus was organized 61 years ago with the mission of presenting shows like this one. When they do a good job, as they do here, the results are both entertaining and artistically rewarding, as a great old show from a bygone era is vividly brought back to life.”

Jeff Hudson – Capital Public Radio


“We’ve been waiting for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show to make its way to Northern California and ‘Music Circus’ production definitely delivers."

”Director Gary John La Rosa weaves the action through the aisles and around the stage. It feels like a traveling exposition from long ago that has stopped in Sacramento for the night to entertain the awaiting crowd. The choreography by John Macinnis ranges from country two-stepping to ballroom waltzes as performers fill the stage during the big show-stoppers."

“Annie Get Your Gun is perfect for all ages. It provides lots of humor, a love story and the timeless music of Irving Berlin. You won’t leave without humming ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ or ‘Anything You Can Do.’ Music Circus has shown again that they do ‘what comes natur’lly’ by hitting another bullseye on great entertainment.“



“Annie Get Your Gun came shooting into the Sacramento Wells Fargo Pavilion opening night to a packed house. The humorous production brought a wide range of age groups together to enjoy familiar tunes by Irving Berlin such as ‘Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better),’ ‘You Can’t Get a Man with A Gun,’ and, ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business.’“

“Musicals like Annie Get Your Gun may be over shadowed by modern theatrical productions such as Wicked and Mary Poppins, but it was refreshing to watch a musical where the essence of the production was focused on the music, comedy, and exciting choreography. This performance received a much-deserved standing ovation.”

Rachael Lankford – Sacramento 365

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