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Man of La Mancha – Theater At Its Best

“Directed and choreographed by Gary John La Rosa and starring talented veteran performers Robert Aronson and Julie Rogelstad, this latest offering maintains the MOC tradition of presenting superb community theatre bound by the highest professional standards.”

“The result is pure magic…”

“…and with Gary John La Rosa's chilling fight choreography, they provide much of the dramatic steam.”

Naomi Siegel – The Montclair Times

MOC’s Dreams Are Not Impossible in ‘La Mancha’

“…continues its long tradition of excellence with its current offering, Man of La Mancha.”

“…a visually stunning and emotionally stirring production. Resident director Gary John La Rosa has once again delivered a piece of theatre as layered as it is evocative.”

“Using the dungeon’s set dressings as scenery and the other prisoners as actors, Cervantes unfolds the story of Quijana/Quixote under the expert guidance of La Rosa, who takes us far and wide, keeping the pacing alive and the staging innovative, athletic and fascinating.”

“Also an expert choreographer, La Rosa’s talents in this area are not as showcased by this script as in past shows, with the exception of the Moorish dancer scene and ‘The Abduction.’”

Bill Van Sant – Essex Journal

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