Downtown Cabaret Theatre, CT

La Cage aux Folles – Downtown Cabaret

“It is "The Best of Times" at the Downtown Cabaret where hilarious, lavishly beautiful, and compassionate production of La Cage aux Folles…is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its Broadway debut.”

“The staging is smoothly executed. Directed and choreographed expertly by Gary John La Rosa… the cast is really superb.”
“Nothing has been spared in this over-the-top production…”

“La Cage aux Folles, a delight, will play at the Downtown Cabaret through Feb. 8, 2004."

Rosalind Friedman – WMNR Fine Arts Radio

Regional Roundup

“Bridgeport’s Downtown Cabaret Theatre has its beguiling production of the 1983 La Cage aux Folles (through Feb. 8), which, in light of recent court rulings, seems positively prescient about gay marriages and adoptions.”

David A. Rosenberg – Back Stage

Cabaret Stages Sparkling La Cage aux Folles

“Some gussied up, glittered-up birds have come home to roost in time to brighten our early winter blues. A vibrant and colorful production of Jerry Herman’s La Cage aux Folles — an idiom for "Birds of a Feather" — at Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport has enough sequins, mascara and heart to brighten the shadows and warm even the coldest holiday curmudgeon.”

“By the time the cast sings "The Best of Times," the theater audience is ready to join in with clapping. At most plays this seems contrived, but at this juncture the joie d’vivre fits.”

“The large cast is filled with performers who seize their moments like accomplished pickpockets. I have to admit I’ve rarely seen a production of La Cage that didn’t get my vote, but director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa, here in his fourth production of the show, has clearly heeded Herman’s lyrics for "The Best of Times.”

Chesley Plemmons – News-Times

La Cage aux Folles

“Director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa does a brilliant job on this show, leading his twenty member cast in this joyous musical extravaganza…making this one of the must see shows of this theater season.”

“The production values of this show are of the highest quality ... ”

“His direction and blocking of this huge show is amazing. The dance numbers also shine with their variety of tap, can can, jazz, tumbles and somersaults.”

“So for a fabulous evening of theatre at its best be sure to go to La Cage in Bridgeport. You won't be disappointed.”

Tony Annicone – Theatre Mirror

Enjoy the Flamboyant Fun of La Cage aux Folles

“With a palette of powders, pencils and paint, a pouffe of perfume, peacock plumes and perky pumps, Albin transforms himself into Za Za, the infamous star of the Riviera’s most gaudy and glittering night spot. You are cordially invited to a front-row seat, to let your inhibitions fly, any weekend from now until February 8, to see the Downtown Cabaret Theatre of Bridgeport’s flamboyant, 20th anniversary production of Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein’s musical comedy, La Cage aux Folles.”

Gary John La Rosa directs this splash of champagne, with a parade of pretty outfits…”

“Join the party when parents, partners and politicians pledge programs they can’t possibly promulgate in this delightfully unconventional redefinition of family and values. Remember to pack a picnic to enjoy.”

Bonnie Goldberg – Middletown Press

“Dripping in sequins, lace, leather and tiger stripes, the cast of La Cage Aux Folles at the Downtown Cabaret in Bridgeport is an eyeful as well as an eye-opener. This show is the father of extravaganzas!”

“It is a language that the Cabaret cast knows well. And yes, the cast is made up of men and women. The chorus comprises both genders, but you probably will not be able to tell the women from the men. In large part, this is due to the director's attention of detail. It's also because the core of the show is always properly centered.”

“This is a show filled with wonderful love songs, family values, plenty of comedy, and the most colorful costumes ever to make their way to a stage. The Downtown Cabaret production wraps it up in shimmering talent.”

Gary John La Rosa has an incredible sense of balance and keeps this big show on an even keel at all times. Also the choreographer, he treats the audience to some memorable dance numbers, especially delicate trips of fancy featuring Amy Love as Anne."

“Apparently, the Downtown Cabaret Theatre has entered its golden age - it has been consistently turning out one 14-carat production after another. La Cage Aux Folles is a winner, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets sold out like many other Cabaret shows. It runs through Feb. 8.”

Joanne Greco Rochman – Stratford Star (American Theatre Critics Association/Connecticut Critics Circle)

Downtown Cabaret Feathers Its Nest with La Cage aux Folles

“Time has not damaged La Cage aux Folles. Rather, the musical hit now being given a beguiling revival at Downtown Cabaret Theatre may be seen from a different, more penetrating perspective.”

“…terrific dancing (choreography by La Rosa)…”

“At Downtown Cabaret these days, the ovation is deserved.”

David A. Rosenberg – The Hour

Spirited La Cage Nicely Packaged, Staged at Cabaret

“Happily La Cage is a light-hearted musical, with plenty of poignant and farcical moments. And happily for Cabaret theatergoers, it is all nicely packaged and staged.”

“…director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa lets the show build steadily, ultimately exploding in the second act with its best song-and-dance numbers.”

“’Masculinity’, which features the male dancers in a rousing number, is a show stopper.”

Bonnie Goldberg – Middletown Press

La Cage aux Folles

“…If there was anything that could salvage the weekend, it was the chance to see Bridgeport Cabaret’s production of La Cage aux Folles. Happy to report, we enjoyed the show so unreservedly that we came home and bowed to the inevitabilities of nature by forgiving the dog.”

“What makes the show so effective is that after it begins by exploiting for comic effect, all the campy exaggeration of the transvestite lifestyle, it moves to deeper emotional waters as it portrays the real pain felt by Albin at being rejected by the boy he raised, and Georges, at being torn between loyalty to the man he loves, and devotion to his son. La Cage is farce, to be sure, but it is farce tempered by humanity, and that makes it doubly entertaining and moving.”

“The cast is, as usual at DCT, as good as it gets… Gary John La Rosa handles the directing and choreography with a sure hand and Lydia Gladstone’s costumes are a real kick. The packed house gave the show a standing ovation and they deserved it. This is definitely worth a trip down to Bridgeport and a great way to spend a weekend, even if your dog hasn’t wrecked your morning.”

Julie Stern – Newtown Bee

Westchester Broadway Theatre, NY

“The choreography by Gary John La Rosa is fast and furious, with his interpretation of the French can-can a special highlight as danced by the ensemble.”

The Westchester Broadway Theatre scores again with this production. It is elegantly presented, warmly sung, breathlessly danced, and most important, truthfully acted. That's what it is all about, isn't it?”

Joe McDonald – The Rockland Reporter

“…Now La Cage has been revived in a terrific production at the Westchester Broadway Theater playing through July 4.”

“The production at Westchester Broadway is all aces”

Gary John La Rosa's choreography is nothing short of sensational, especially the extraordinary group of dancers comprising a glamorous chorus line (some even women) called the Cagelles who periodically stop the show because of the cheering audience.”

“It all adds up to a first rate La Cage. La Cage aux Folles is another hit Broadway musical production at the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford, New York.”

Don Collester – Journal America

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