Artistree Music Theatre Festival, VT

Honky Tonk Angels: Good Enough to See Twice

“… is a whopping good time. The audience was stomping, clapping, and singing along, right up until the standing ovation which went on forever. Two hours, thirty country songs, and a heart-tugging storyline later, no one wanted to leave.”

“The audience was on its feet before the last note was sung.”

“Do not miss The Honky Tonk Angels at Artistree”

Jennifer Falvey – Vermont Standard

Capital Repertory Theatre, NY

Honky Tonk Angels is two hours of fun, songs and good times

“TheRep has put together a joyous summer hit with Honky Tonk Angels.”

“Director/Choreographer Gary John La Rosa takes on his third iteration of the show with a deft hand and a strong sense of how and where the show should go.”“Make it a point to go and see Honky Tonk Angels. It’s fun, it’s toe-tapping, and it will make for a memorable summer night.”

“Add Honky Tonk Angels to your list of must-sees this summer.”

Bill Kellert –

Honky Tonk Angels music remains impressive despite a disappointing script

“Capital Repertory Theatre introduces their latest summer musical, Honky Tonk Angels, which showcases a stunning display of talent, captivating direction, and expert craftsmanship from the designers.”

“The audience was on its feet before the last note was sung.”

“With a collection of nearly 30 country songs, the audience is swept away by the joyous effect of the music and the rapturous response of the crowd.”

“… let us focus on the breathtaking stage pictures and the delightful musical performances that unfold throughout the show’s surprisingly lengthy two-and-a-half-hour runtime. Despite its duration, the performance feels much shorter due to the seamless flow of each mesmerizing moment.”

La Rosa seems to have made it his mission to have as much fun as possible with these tropes…”

“…the musical numbers are frequently excellent…”

Jennifer Falvey – Vermont Standard

Honky Tonk Angels brings Nashville to Albany at The Rep

“With all due deference to Mamma Mia!, you might call Honky Tonk Angels the “Queen of Juke Box Musicals.” It’s a suiting tribute for a musical that honors the female stars of Country Music”

“…at show’s close has the audience clapping their hands and standing on their feet applauding.”

“This is the third time Gary John La Rosa has directed Honky Tonk Angels and La Rosa understands the purpose of the show is to entertain. That is exactly what he guides his extremely talented cast to accomplish at The Rep.”

Bob Goepfert – The Saratogian

The Rep's jukebox musical about women chasing country fame is by creator of Always... Patsy Cline

“Big voices, engaging direction and expert work from designers combine in Capital Repertory Theatre’s latest summer musical, Honky Tonk Angels…”

“Moving along, gorgeous stage pictures and musical pleasures follow one after another…”

“Making his debut at The Rep with his third production of HTA, director Gary John La Rosa fully embraces Swindley’s clichés, seemingly having decided to generate as much fun with them as possible…”

Steve Barnes – Times Union

Carousel Dinner Theatre, OH


“Go ahead. Say it: dinner theater. …OK, now throw it out. It's absolutely nothing like Akron's Carousel Dinner Theatre. A Saturday night performance of Honky Tonk Angels at the cavernous facility turned into one of the most enjoyable theater evenings I've had in a long, long time.”

“…but it's when the trio slips into country's delicious three-part harmonies that the show sparkles, and director Gary John La Rosa seems to know it: He blocks the show just about flawlessly, treating onstage movement as a physical extension of those harmonies.”

“Were it not for the quality of the actresses' performances and voices, the songs themselves would merit top billing. The 29 songs range from Loretta Lynn's ‘Coal Miner's Daughter’ to the traditional ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken?’ Maybe the circle is unbroken, but the cycle has been broken. At least as far as dinner theater stereotypes go.”

Chuck Yarborough – Plain Dealer Reporter

The Honky Tonk Angels

“We may have been cold when we entered the building but it sure didn’t take long to loosen up and chill out! Palmer and Slaught have been presenting productions that are absolutely top-notch.”

“There are 3 females accompanied by a five-member band who carry this entire show and they are outstanding."

“…and the music makes for a toe-stomping, hand clapping good time.”

“…she just loved this show. We all highly recommend this production.”

Jackie Vaughn – The Hartville News

Angels a foot-stomping good time

“The Honky Tonk Angels leaves little to the imagination about what the latest production at the Carousel Dinner Theatre is, but it doesn’t allude to what a fantastic and fun show it is.”

“This was a fast-paced show and before I knew it, it was intermission.”

“This is a must-see production full of fun, but at the same time, strikes a chord of reality in life and the dreams that are “put on hold.”

Deborah Guziak – Record-Courier

Successful Honky Tonk Angels

“I liked the Patsy Cline show, but I like this one even better.”

“Their talent is outstanding, costumes and wigs are stunning, and scenery is simple but effective.”

“If you like country music, don’t miss this show. If you don’t like country music, this well-done tale may change your mind.”

Ruth Kotila – Hometown Entertainment

Carousel Musical Celebrates Country

“…a fun frolic through some of country music's finest chart hits and celebrated standards.”

“Director Gary John La Rosa said it was tough finding New York actresses who could handle this challenging score. He has succeeded admirably with Trudi Posey, Elizabeth Stanley and Barbara Helms, whose gorgeous three-part harmonies give you the chills.”

“We're in for a treat when we first see these three primping and singing into their hair brushes at their respective homes/offices. All three need to break out of their current lifestyle to pursue their dreams.”

Ruth Ross – Essex Journal

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