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‘Footloose’ is Fun From the First Step to the Last

“Footloose, a musical about a boy, a minister and a town where dancing is prohibited, opened Tuesday at Wells Fargo Pavilion. Fortunately nobody had to wait until the end, when the minister relents, to see dancing. The Music Circus production was a dance fest throughout, thanks to Bob Richard's cleverly choreographed routines and the skill of the troupe performing them. Only Gary John La Rosa's dynamic direction upstaged the terpsichorean treat. These two elements overshadowed the drama of a musical that was derived from a successful 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon. The Sacramento production, a Music Circus debut, is itself a revised version of the Broadway musical. Obviously charged with using every inch of the small round stage's capabilities, the cast rode up, down and around as the stage revolved, morphed into concentric lazy-Susan circles and changed planes, all to good effect – especially creating the illusion of a much larger setting. Even so, the more intimate scenes did not lose their focus…”

Patricia Beach Smith – Sacramento Bee

Footloose Cuts Loose in Style

“Footloose, now at Sacramento's Music Circus, is that rare show with equal dramatic and musical strengths. Adapted from the hit 1984 movie with a rather predictable plot concerning troubled teenagers and enlivened by some fine dance sequences, Footloose emerged in 1998 as a stage musical with a much stronger dramatic emphasis and some impressive vocal numbers while still showcasing the choreography.”

“…and director Gary John La Rosa maintained a consistent interpretative style and excellent sense of pace throughout the 21/2-hour musical. Footloose is a show that will be particularly enjoyed by teenagers – and everyone who can remember when they were that age.”

Sherman Spencer – The Record

Fancy Free

“The mythical Midwestern town of Bomont is the setting for the Music Circus production – directed by Gary John La Rosa – of Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie's Footloose, adapted from the Kevin Bacon film. The Music Circus production assembled a first-rate cast of principals and an outstanding corps of dancers, all of whom raise the level of the play to a thoroughly enjoyable evening's entertainment.”

“You may scarcely notice – nor long remember – the basic plot elements of Footloose, but during this two-hour performance you'll definitely tap your toes, wipe away a tear or two, and probably leap to your feet at the curtain call, to give a well-earned bravo.”

Bev Sykes – The Davis Enterprise

Footloose Cuts Loose in Sac

“Musicals based on popular films often never quite capture the magic of what flickered on the silver screen. They usually suffer a critical thumbs down. But that's not the case with Footloose, a surprisingly good piece cobbled together from the 1984 film of the same name. A poignant version directed by Gary John La Rosa, who stresses the basics of good, emotive acting rather than going overboard on dance, continues to Sunday at Sacramento's Music Circus, a theater-in-the-round.”

Richard Bammer – The

Lots of Youthful Energy Propels ‘Footloose’ at Music Circus

“For the Music Circus production in the round, director Gary John La Rosa made excellent use of the circular stage and the four aisles that lead to it in bringing the play to life. He also benefited immensely from some of the best scenic designs of this or any other season… Each was woven seamlessly into the overall production, again to his and Mr. La Rosa’s credit.”

“Along the way to the ultimate confrontation between Ren and the preacher there are any number of excellent scenes that feature other members of the large cast.”

“Footloose isn’t heavy drama, nor is it entirely frivolous. We had a good time and a few moments of somber reflection as well. Which is more than enough reason to say, let’s hear it for Footloose.”

E. Haig – Sacramento Gazette

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, PA

Dutch Apple cuts loose with Footloose

“Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre's production of Footloose is truly ‘Almost Paradise’."

“This wonderfully directed and acted musical follows a young man named Ren...”

“Outstanding performances in this show are everywhere to be seen.”

“Footloose abounds in fine performances from top to bottom, and that must be attributed at least in part to the fine direction of Gary John La Rosa. La Rosa worked with the show's author, Dean Pitchford, to premiere the present version in Sacramento, CA, four years ago. La Rosa knows Footloose, and it shows.”

“Footloose also is highlighted by the snappy choreography of Chris Saunders and such sensational songs as ‘Almost Paradise,’ ‘Holding Out For A Hero,’ ‘Let's Hear It For the Boy’ and, of course, the title tune.”

“All in all, this performance will have audiences leaving the theater smiling and humming, and is well worth the trip to Dutch Apple. Even with today's gas prices.”

Larry Alexander – Intelligencer Journal – 6/10/08

Footloose is entertaining...

“Footloose, the musical that opened at the Dutch Apple on Thursday night, is an energetic and fun show about a misunderstood high school kid who loves to dance but finds himself living in a town where dancing is illegal.”<>

“...there are times when Footloose is flying and times when it's just chugging along. But even when it's just chugging along, it has heart and it's entertaining.”

“Luppino is a charismatic knockout and pretty much steals the show. Blim, Miller and Guy all do terrific jobs with their characters. The band, led by Beth Burrier (with orchestrations by J.R. McAlexander), sounds great and I liked Evan Adamson's fluid set design.”

“Director Gary John La Rosa does a nice job with the show...”

Jane Holahan – Lancaster New Era – 6/2/08

Dutch Apple gets a little 'Footloose'

"Footloose, the popular 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon, popped up on Broadway in 1998 as Footloose: The Musical. It popped up last week at the DADT with some kickin' dance moves ... in the 22-member cast.”

“The five-piece orchestra under musical director Beth Burrier sounds big, and male lead William Nash Broyles has a just-hug-me quality that, paired with his stylin' Chicago-edge wardrobe (courtesy of John P. White), eventually proves irresistible.”

“Footloose is finger-snapping, foot-tapping fun...”

Marty Crisp – Sunday News – 6/1/08

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