The Grey Wig at Hofstra University, NY

“…Crazy For You, recently staged at Hofstra is an exception to that rule and, in the 16 years that I've been covering Long Island arts, the very FIRST show to go toe-to-toe with Broadway on every level and stack up favorably.”

“With a legacy of brilliant presentations, high-profile actors and lavish trappings, The Gray Wig's offering was nothing short of amazing…”

“…The rest of the cast compliments each other flawlessly, a dynamic chorus of voices meshed with perfectly-executed choreography. Director/Choreographer Gary John La Rosa deserves a standing ovation (which he got) for what was obviously a painstakingly thorough labor of love getting this bigger-than-life presentation to work like clockwork.”

“Crazy For You is a triumph of astonishing heights. That's not by Island standards, that's WORLD standards, folks. If comedy and song make you happy, you'll be crazy about Crazy For You.”

John Blenn – Long Island Entertainment

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