Arundel Barn Playhouse, ME

Beehive entertains with charming nostalgia

“Six charming and spirited ladies treat us to over 40 songs in this two-act cabaret and the blend of their voices as an ensemble is just terrific. Decked out in their high-heeled white go-go boots and an ever-changing array of one outrageous hair style after another, we are treated to a delightful dish of marvelous melodic machination.”

“The stage set for ‘Beehive’ is simple but very smartly conceived ... It’s a clever homage to lipstick, hairspray and luscious lips. It well serves as a playground for the choreographic antics devised by director/choreographer Gary John La Rosa.”

“The ladies, Annelise Caprano and Ginny Vass, both from Montclair State University, are joined by Roslyn Seale from Brooklyn, Caroline Keegan and Allison Sandler from New York University and Brigette Estola from Ludington, Michigan.”

“The entire enterprise is good fun. This is well-produced musical theater and artfully sung by this sextet of young talent. The song medleys are a mix of high energy full ensemble brilliance interspersed with some titillating trios. Character chemistry is as important as a strong voice and in this regard the cast connects."

“This production is highly recommended."

Gregory Morell – Journal Tribune

Beehive has audiences buzzing at Arundel Barn

‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T is in order for the rousing rendition of the ‘60’s jukebox musical ‘Beehive’ now playing at the Arundel Barn Playhouse. You can’t help singing along with the cast of six women representing the hottest singers and girl groups of the decade as they croon and rock through the iconic hits that shaped a generation.”

“Audiences are invited to sing along with Aretha Franklin, The Chiffons, Tina Turner, Petula Clark, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, and Janis Joplin with hits like ‘Respect,‘ My Boyfriend's Back,’ ‘River Deep-Mountain High,’ ‘Downtown,’ ‘Where The Boys Are,’ ‘I’m Sorry,’ ‘Piece Of My Heart,’ and more!”

“The Playhouse production includes familiar faces from this season ... to close out the summer in this rockin’ '60s show.”

“So, grab your go-go boots, tease your hair, and buzz on over to the Arundel Barn Playhouse for Beehive: The '60’s Musical!”

Donna Buttarazzi –

Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, FL

‘Beehive’ Revue Piles High Winning Notes Dynamic Cast Brings '60s Music Alive

“All of which helps Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre's production captivate an audience better than the typical jukebox musical revue. That's a good foundation, but what really makes "Beehive" buzz is a dynamite cast of eight women singing more than 40 songs with great enthusiasm and impressive range.”

Gary John La Rosa directed and choreographed the show, which was conceived by Larry Gallagher and debuted 20 years ago in a New York City nightclub. La Rosa sets a swift pace that keeps the show from lagging, and musical director Loren Strickland fires up the five-piece band on stage. There's not a weak performance in the cast, but a few of the singers have standout moments.”

“Playing a supporting role are 43 wigs designed by Jason Hayes. They give the show its name, of course, offering a hair-raising tribute to '60s style.”

Drew Sterwald – News-Press

'Beehive': An Outstanding Production at Broadway Palm

“...opened at Broadway Palm on August 26 to a well-deserved full house. And boy! did the audience get its money’s worth…”

“But I never really put together the whole picture of what that era was all about until I saw this revue with its fabulously talented young cast Friday night.”

“…humorous…light hearted danci-ness…elegant…spot-on and funny…right on the money…amazing…”

“This presentation scrolls through the years and draws you back in time through the look/the sound/the feel.”

“This show is pure rock’n’roll-ickin’ fun! If you were in your 20’s, 30’s, or early 40’s during that era, don’t miss it – it is so well done that, even if you don’t remember all the lyrics, you can’t help but relive it in spirit. If you have only heard about it from your parents or their generation, come prepared to learn a lot from this absolutely super production.”

Anne Bellew – Islander

‘Beehive’ Buzzes With Female Songs of the '60s

“Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre opened its 2005-2006 season with Beehive, a fun-filled rock musical featuring the songs of the girl singers and girl groups of the 1960s. There was a jam-packed house on Sept. 10, the night of this review.”

“The performances were staged on a brightly colored, neon-lit set resembling a giant jukebox with jukeboxes in the background. Enhancement of the period atmosphere was provided by hairdos and wigs from the period, such as the beehive, pageboy and other styles. The costumes were dazzling, as well as authentic. Practically every song was choreographed in the manner of the era.”

"’The Beehive Dance’ was a highlight of the show. It put the singing, choreography, costumes and wigs all together in living color.”

“This show's director and choreographer was Gary John La Rosa. You could leave after seeing Beehive with the songs delightfully buzzing inside your head.”

Sandy Copperman – Sun and Weekly Herald

'Beehive' Is A Blast

“The first time I saw Beehive was years ago…it was enjoyable, but nothing compared to the current production of Beehive that is playing at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. This show has a cast of eight super-talented females who not only sing up a storm, they move about the stage in physically challenging choreographed dance numbers that call for an abundance of energy found only in the very young.”

“The gals run through song after song, never missing a beat. Their outrageous wigs number 43 in all and come in all shapes and colors that are amazing. The show captures the essence of everything that made up the 60s, white plastic go-go boots, mini skirts of every description, shimmering one piece jumpsuits and of course the wigs. You can almost smell the Aqua Net wafting over the audience.”

“This show is a real crowd pleaser. You’ll be in for a real treat.”

Di Saggau – The River

'Beehive' …The 60s Musical!

“The Broadway Palm Theatre has started off its new season with a wild toe-tapping, heads shakin’ musical tribute to the girls of the 60s.”

“When they came dancing out in those skinny little mini skirts and those TALL “beehive” over-the-top wigs, we could see the audience reliving some memories.”

“When they started with “Let’s Rock,” I could feel the table jumping with the rest of the audience. Great voices, every one…”

“All the songs you love are here.”

“…your mother was right; it wasn’t good for you! But it was fun, as you see on the stage, with the girls dancing…”

“If you want to go back and remember the days and where you were at the time, this is the musical for you.”

Jean Matthew – The Island Sand Paper

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, PA

The Beat Goes On At Dutch Apple

“From race riots and segregation to Woodstock and Vietnam, perhaps no other decade in the 20th century was quite so tumultuous as the 1960s. It would be easy, then, to imagine a dinner theater production trying to whitewash some of the darker sides of the '60s legacy, giving patrons a bit more Lesley Gore and Annette Funicello and a little less Southern Comfort-swiggin' Janis Joplin.Thankfully, Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre’s current production of Beehive doesn’t shy away from some of the heavier issues of the 1960’s, but embraces them, weaving topics like the birth of the women’s movement and the backlash against the draft into nostalgic fun.And make no mistake: It is fun. Featuring 43 wigs, thirty costumes and 40 of the era’s top songs, the evening is a glittery trip down memory lane for anyone old enough to remember the 1960’s.”

“…the show knows how to get audiences clapping and – in at least one case Thursday night – up out of their chairs and dancing. By having the performers head out into the audience in musical numbers like “The Name Game,” the show breaks theatrical conventions in the name of having a good time.”

“…this show is a true crowd pleaser.”

“Directed by Gary John La Rosa, the show has more bite than you might expect – taking on the Kennedy and King assassinations, as well as the civil rights movement – but it manages to balance some of the heaviness with a whole slew of catchy tunes sure to keep you humming long after you leave the theater.

James Bueschner – Sunday News

Beehive Goes Beyond Hair

Show Features Hits by '60s Female Singers“Beehive, the ’60s Musical,” now onstage at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, recalls the high times, highlights, high notes and high hair of 1960s rock ’n’ roll. Specifically, the show is about the girl groups and female vocalists who helped make the ’60s popular music’s dynamic decade. Beehive features eight very talented young ladies who wear a total of 43 wigs over the course of the show and guide the audience through a two-hour musical salute as fast-paced as it is well-staged.”

“Beehive is a celebration of some truly great music and is a fun, lively show with talented voices, excellent costuming and the wonderful lighting of Russell Thompson.”

“Director Gary John La Rosa has put together a delightful show guaranteed to keep away the winter blahs.”

Larry Alexander – Intelligencer Journal

Beehive a smile-winning listen down memory lane

“If the first thing you think of when you hear the word beehive is a hair style, not a home for stinging insects, then Beehive: The 60s Musical is for you. The show, which opened Friday at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, is a loving tribute to the women who made music in the 1960s, from girl groups like the Shirelles and the Supremes to the raw emotions of Tina Turner and Janis Joplin. The show is stuffed with hits, terrific costumes, courtesy of John P. White, and a delicious variety of fun wigs created by Jason P. Hayes, who knows the hair of the 1960s through and through. Beehive is guaranteed to take you on a fun trip down memory lane.”

“…it works hard to put a smile on your face and plenty of memories in your heart. In that, it succeeds.”

Jane Holahan – Lancaster New Era

Cabrillo Stage, CA

Beehive entertains with charming nostalgia

“Whatever your age and personal musical memories, it’s almost impossible not to be swept up in the ebullience (and intentional silliness) of 'Beehive,' now enlivening Cabrillo Stage’s summer musical festival through July 14.”

“Created by Larry Gallagher, Cabrillo’s production is both directed and choreographed by Gary John La Rosa whose New York theater credits are many.”

“…electrifying set design adds enormously to both the authenticity as well as the visual attractiveness of 'Beehive.' Most impressive is the bigger-than-life 78 LP at center stage through which many entrances and exits were made."“This production is highly recommended."

Joanne Engelhardt – Santa Cruz Sentinel

“The ’60s are having a moment right now—the music of the ’60s, at least.”

“…over 30 tunes performed with gusto by the six-woman cast.”“Director Gary John La Rosa also did the choreography, from demure girl-group syncopation to the butt-shaking gymnastics of Tina Turner.”

“…this is a buoyant show, especially for anyone who grew up singing these songs.”

“And all of these women can sing up a storm. Should you feel compelled to join in (and believe me, you will), audience participation is strongly encouraged.”

Lisa Jensen – Good Times

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