Playhouse on the Square, TN

Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT pulsates at Playhouse

“Playhouse's electrifying production of the punk rock musical odyssey...”“This dynamo of a musical electrifies from the beginning, and fans of Green Day (whose concept album inspired the play) seemed out in full force on opening night.”

“Director/Choreographer Gary John La Rosa has staged with such nonstop energy and ingenuity that I wondered whether Playhouse had enough earthquake insurance to care for the fissures in its foundation….”

“The rafters at Playhouse will be shaking through February 14.”

Joseph Baker –

Punk – IDIOT

“If you like its music, you ought to love ‘American Idiot,’ based on the hugely successful album and turned into a rock (punk-rock) opera.”

“There is no particular brilliance that makes it a musical for the ages, but the production at Playhouse on the Square does have oodles of existential hormonal energy, sex, drugs, punk-rock and roll, war and a nice resolution in the suburbs.”

Gary John La Rosa directs with an eye to detail and it's often a three-ring circus tableau with whirling dancers stirring up the onstage litter.”

Jon W. Sparks – The Commercial Appeal

University of Arkansas, AR

Review: AMERICAN IDIOT at University Theatre

“…and directed by Gary John La Rosa, is a stunning rock musical that avoids all the common musical theater ropes and instead focuses on war, suicide, addiction and, of course, the music of Green Day.”

“This musical is a feast for the senses.”

“…there is no shortage of fascinating things to look at while you listen. During ensemble numbers, there are at least three different plots igniting at once, with intense, stunt-heavy choreography to accompany. The use of strobe lights and an industrial, graffiti-covered set makes the whole experience feel more like a concert venue than a theater.”

“The actors and actresses telling this story all gave truly fantastic performances.”

“…The group works effortlessly together and around each other, hanging off stairs and leaning on one another. Though there are named roles, this is an ensemble musical through and through, and it is all the better because of it.”

“The show is also successful in a technical sense. The set is a work of art. Not only is it visually striking, but the way it functions within the story is fascinating…”

“American Idiot is a must-see...”

Sydne Tursky – The Arkansas Traveler

State University of New York at Buffalo, NY

Theatre Review: ‘American Idiot’ at UB Center for the Arts!

“The University at Buffalo’s Department of Theatre and Dance opened their production Thursday, offering a technically impressive and ultra-angsty show.”“Gary John La Rosa directs and choreographs an energized ensemble…”

La Rosa’s choreography is intense, high-energy and especially impressive considering how many of the set pieces have to move during most routines.”“…the production is strong as a whole.”

“…projection design is excellent against Gina Boccolucci’s set. Coupled with Hayden Harter’s lighting design and Nathan R. Matthews’ sharp music direction, the show is visually and audibly invigorating.”

“UB does well with this production thanks to killer choreography performed by a strong ensemble.”

Mary Best – Buffalo Theatre Guide

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