Broadway Palm West Dinner Theatre, Mesa, AZ

Cline tribute hits right notes

“Theatrical magic and Cindy Summers' superb talents combine to bring Patsy Cline back to life in Always ... Patsy Cline, an affectionate look at the singer's life that features 26 of her hit songs.”

“The show is pulled together lovingly by Gary John La Rosa's unobtrusive staging on a unit set that recreates Louise's kitchen and the venues, including the Grand Ole Opry, where Cline performed.”

“… Always . . . Patsy Cline and Summers brilliantly re-create Cline's greatness.”

Chris Curcio – The Republic

Palm revives a country legend in “Always … Patsy Cline"

“For a die-hard music fan, there’s no bigger fantasy than hanging out one-on-one with that pop idol — getting behind the music, so to speak, and forging a friendship. It rarely ever happens, of course. But it did happen to country legend Patsy Cline and a feisty Houston divorcee named Louise Seger. At least that’s what we’re told in Ted Swindley’s wildly popular jukebox revue, “Always … Patsy Cline,” which is getting a summer run at Mesa’s Broadway Palm Dinner Theater.”

“…the Palm cast local actress Elizabeth Loos in the part. Loos, a young actress with her own set of serious pipes, can’t help but charm up any show she’s in, and her take on the Houston housewife is sassy and adorable. The Palm’s production is backed by a pretty mean five-piece country band and everyone shares room on Dominic Lau’s simple but honky-tonk nifty five-level stage design. It all adds up to a pleasing little show that wants nothing more than to stick a few old country songs in your ears and set your toes a-tappin’. You don’t have to be a die-hard Patsy Cline fan to appreciate that.”

Chris Page – Get Out Magazine
Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, PA

Dutch Apple Cline Revival is Rich 26-song Reverie

“Patsy Cline has the power. More than 40 years after her death in a plane crash, her music and her life still fascinate and move people. That was clear Thursday afternoon, when Always…Patsy Cline opened at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.”

“…there is a genuine quality to it that’s quite moving.”

“If you’re a big fan of Patsy Cline, you should love this show.”

Jane Holaha – Lancaster New Era

Patsy Cline ‘Always’ a Treat

“Always…Patsy Cline, now on stage at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, is a funny, touching tribute...”

“Her interaction with the audience is often hilarious, and her reflections on Cline, especially after she learns of the singer’s death, seem sincere.”

“The experienced direction of Gary John La Rosa (he’s staged this show three times, and it shows) and the musical direction…combine to make Always…Patsy Cline an evening of fine entertainment.”

Larry Alexander – Intelligencer Journal

Always…Patsy Cline – Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

“No one sings like Patsy Cline. …That doesn’t keep the Apple’s Always from being surefire entertainment.”

“Fortunately, Always, Patsy Cline is NOT a one-woman show. And director Gary John La Rosa has perfectly cast Maria Vee in the co-starring role of Louise, Cline’s No. 1 fan.”

“…it is easy to just sit back and let this joyous, spirited and heartwarming entertainment win you over.”

Jim Ruth – Sunday News
West Virginia Public Theatre
“Always…entertaining. That pretty much sums up WVPT’s opening night performance of Always…Patsy Cline. And if you think that is an exaggeration, then you weren’t there Tuesday to hear the hootin’, hollerin’, stompin’ and clapping goin’ down at the makeshift honky-tonk that serves as one of the stage sets.”

“…had audience members roaring with laughter, gasping in shock and begging for more.”

“What makes this play so enjoyable – aside from the believability of both main characters – is the sheer believability of these two women’s friendship.”

“Directed by returning WVPT director Gary John La Rosa, Always…Patsy Cline runs through Sunday.”

Katie Long – The Dominion Post
Theatre-By-The-Sea, RI
“For a Pasty Cline fan, this show is a heavenly treat.”

“Flaningam will have you laughing at her antics and she gets the audience involved in many parts of the show, much to the credit of director Gary John La Rosa, who made her staging and blocking seems effortless. He had the vision to make her scenes with Patsy an integral part of the vocal numbers.”

“The audience at this sold out performance was really getting into the show.”

“…this show is a winner. Fourquest Productions , as many of you already know, is selling the theater. Hopefully we will have a Theatre-By-The-Sea next summer season…in the meantime, go see this wonderful show – Always…Patsy Cline!”

Don Gillis – Little Rhody Theatre

Always... Patsy Cline

“Director Gary John La Rosa weaves this funny, moving tribute to this country music star wonderfully with the over 20 musical numbers connected with a strong storyline. He casts the two stars perfectly and gives the audience a splendid, topnotch close to the final show produced by FourQuest Entertainment at TBTS.”

La Rosa's excellence at direction doesn't stop at his casting, this man knows how to move his performers around the whole set. His direction brings out the best in his people whether it be comic or dramatic…”

“A talented young man with impressive credentials, make this a must see show. La Rosa is aided in his task by musical director, Jay Atwood and his talented band members who are an integral part of this show.”

“…this is a story driven show as well as a musical tribute.”

“So for a fantastic evening of entertainment be sure to catch “Always...Patsy Cline” at TBTS.”

Tony Annicone – Theatre Mirror

TBTS’ Captivating Always... Patsy Cline

“A good six-piece band of urban cowboys in black cowboy hats, complete with steel guitar and fiddle, do the rest to make the performance lots of fun. This is the last season for the present Theatre-by-the-Sea producers. Let’s hope that whoever takes over the summer barn theater keeps up their high standards.”

Bill Rodriguez – Providence Phoenix

Cline is ‘Always’ a Crowd Pleaser

“Even if you’re not a big fan of country music, which I’m not, this show is a lot of fun, primarily because the two women who portray Patsy (Cindy Summers) and her fictional fan Louise (Louisa Flaningam) give rousing performances that reveal the heart of this ‘regular folks’ music.”

“And the audience was pleased enough on opening night to applaud a number of their favorite tunes when Summers began them. They gave her and Flaningam a standing ovation at show’s end as well.”

“The songs get presented as Louise hears them on the radio and at a Houston honky-tonk where Patsy performs and befriends Louise. They have a hot time together and so does the audience.”

“…it’s a delightful and enlightening time capsule.”

John Pantalone – South County Independent

Fine Singer, Lively Comic, Great Band: Good Show

“A trip to Theatre-by-the-Sea for the season finale, Always…Patsy Cline, shows why with a memorable tribute and penetration into the soul that blessed us with tunes like ‘I Fall to Pieces,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’ and ‘Sweet Dreams.’”

“As TBTS prepares to close what could be its final season of performances, a special treat in this novel telling of Patsy’s story are the two female performers who play the women born Virginia Patterson Hensley in the rural poverty of Appalachia, and her biggest fan, Louise Seger.”

“This performance is part musical and part concert, with some 20 Patsy songs, the two actors and the band enjoining the audience to participate with them.”

“‘Come on in and sit right down and make yourself at home,’ Patsy tells Louise and company, and us.”

“We’re happy to oblige, ma’m.”

Michael Holtzman – Woonsocket Call

‘Patsy Cline’ Hits All the Right Notes

“The show Always…Patsy Cline serves as both a seriocomic chronicle of their meeting and subsequent friendship as well as a revue of Cline’s catalogue.”

“And the current production by Theatre-By-The-Sea in coastal Matunuck, R.I., excels at both.”

“The end of the show is no surprise, as it is common knowledge that Cline died in a plane crash. But the show’s handling of this event is touching without being melodramatic, making it another one of this production’s perfect moments.”

“But underneath it all, this show is just plain fun. How much fun? Well, you know how first acts usually end with some sort of cliffhanger to entice audiences to come back for act two? In this show, act one just ends with Louise saying it is time to take a break. But the lack of suspense does not matter. The audience wants to return for act two simply because act one was so much toe-tapping, knee-slapping fun.”

“Whether or not you are a Patsy Cline fan, this is an unconventional night at the theater that is part concert, part nostalgia and pure joy.”

Fred Kuhr – In News Weekly

Applause From the Wings

 Always…Patsy Cline

“Theatre-by-the-Sea picked a real winner for their season closer. This was an evening filled with great music.”

“Directed and staged by Gary John La Rosa, this story written by Ted Swindley, and based on a true occurrence in Patsy’s life made for a lovely summer evening and a sweet closing for this beloved theater.”

“Directed and staged by Gary John La Rosa, this story written by Ted Swindley, and based on a true occurrence in Patsy’s life made for a lovely summer evening and a sweet closing for this beloved theater.”

The Board 9/03
Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, FL

A Beautiful Tribute – It’s ‘Always…Patsy Cline’ at Broadway Palm

“With a musical career that spanned just eight years, Patsy Cline’s music has continued to endure since her tragic death in 1963 – and her career has been beautifully resurrected once again with BPDT’s presentation of Always…Patsy Cline written by Ted Swindley and directed and choreographed by Gary John La Rosa.”

Charlie Louks – Fort Myers Beach Observer

Always Patsy Cline, and Louise Too

“…a delightful earful for the audience.”

“…absolutely hysterical.”

“The musical gives you a great insight into the life of Patsy Cline and features all her hit songs. The show is directed and choreographed by Gary John La Rosa. The Bodacious Bobcats Band provides wonderful accompaniment throughout.”

“This is a show for everyone to see.”

Di Saggau – Island Sun
“Another great night at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre! What a wonderful show. And even if you never really enjoyed country music, or Patsy Cline, this show will totally change your mind & wish you'd listened just a little bit better. Amazing. Go see it!”
Bekki Shanklin – Symposium of Artistic Resources

‘Always’ a Tribute Show That Works

“Musical tributes to performers and composers can be tricky to pull off. How to link a couple of dozen songs whose common thread is a personality, not a theme or plot? The creators of “Always ... Patsy Cline” overcome this hurdle cleverly by viewing the late country singer’s rise and stardom through the eyes of a fan who became an unlikely friend. The result is a touching, funny and thoroughly entertaining show that’s running through Saturday, Oct. 2, at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers. Of course, “Always ... Patsy Cline” wouldn’t be as good as it is if not for the two actresses and five musicians who bring the music to life under the firm direction of Gary John La Rosa.”

Drew Sterwald – The News-Press