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Arundel Barn Playhouse, ME

  • Nunsense A-Men!
Musical Comedy Where Men Get in the ‘Habit’ of Being Women

    “The script score, choreography and staging are so packed with humor, action, dance, moments of tenderness and visual effects that the audience never has to depend on allusions to men playing women for the show to be funnier or more satiric than the original.”

    “Directing the show is Gary John La Rosa, who has cast the show with actors who perfectly convey the characters’ idiosyncrasies and personalities, even their appearances.”

    Joseph Mauro
    The Journal Tribune
  • Attention ‘Nunsense’ Fans: You’re Wanted in Ogunquit

    “Whether you’re a novice or a devout follower of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, you’ll enjoy the production of Nunsense A-Men at the Arundel Barn Playhouse.”

    “All of them are funny and worth seeing for sheer enjoyment, but this one is especially well-served by Director Gary John La Rosa’s wonderful cast, one which more than clears the high bar Artistic Producing Director Adrienne Grant set with a sterling roster last season.”

    Cathy Nelson Price
    Associated Press
  • Make Tracks for Summer Arts Action

    “The outstanding quality of this show underscores the continuing advances being made at this exceptionally charming venue for summer stock.”

    “It’s also one of the most professionally executed productions I’ve seen in the five plus years that I’ve been going to Arundel…”

    Nunsense A-Men! Is tons of fun, and the trip to Arundel is the perfect way to experience traditional summer stock theater.”

    Scott Andrews
    The Forecaster
  • Nunsense A-Men! is Irreverent Fun

    “Millions have loved the ecumenical humor of the musical Nunsense, and hundreds more will love Nunsense A-Men! as the cast and crew of the Arundel Barn Playhouse carry off the play with their usual polish and mirth.”

    Jennifer Hagan
    York County Coast Star